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J oin the self-less fleet of the defenders of nation & be part of commitment to serve Pakistan from crime & terrorism. All what matters is that you are ready to learn new skills & have the spirit to serve the country with full zeal & zest. Anti Crime & Anti Terrorism volunteers work with individual crime victims & witnesses of crime as well as people who have been involved in a large scale crises situations whether it is a case of sexual assault or cyber crime  or any kind of bribe or harassment case. Work for to serve humanity and make Pakistan crime & terrorism free state

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Anti-Crime & Anti-Terrorism of Pakistan was established in the year 2015. ACAT is an organization of young and educated leaders committed to focusing attention on the quality of community living through improved safety and security initiatives. It operates through research, collaboration, citizen programs, leadership and advocacy. Membership in the group ranges widely across the business, education, civic, law enforcement and legal communities. Our guiding principle is to work collaboratively with government, police department and law enforcement agencies toward reducing and preventing crime & terrorism and enhancing public safety.



Ø  To create awareness among the public regarding dangerous substance of Crime and terrorism in the society.
Ø  To highlight the people who are involved in activity of Crime and Terrorism.
Ø  To provide assistance to the government officials for eliminating and detection of crime and terrorism.
Ø  To insist the law enforcement agencies in implementing the counter crime and terrorism law.
Ø  To curb the menace of terrorism and crime.
Ø  To inculcate in the people awareness about the negative consequences of terrorism.
Ø  To inforce law in letter and spirit through deterrent punishment.
Ø  To create awareness among the public regarding their citizenship responsibilities especially towards the eliminating of crime and terrorism.
Ø  To promote love, peace and affection among the public and discourage the sectarianism, extremism and discriminations upon the basis of caste, creed, race, color, language, sect, religious etc.
Ø  To develop the healthy and critical attitude towards the development of physical uplift and mentally of the people of Pakistan.
Ø  To Assist and Strengthen the Strengthen and Unprivileged Communities by empowering them Towards Development.


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  • ACAT team Zindabad Owais Sheikh Zindabad ALLAH Ap logo ko Kamiyaab Karay Ameen.
    Faisal, Lahore
  • love support peace acat hope for best
    Kainaat, Sahiwal
  • Acat Zindabad

    Alina, Karachi
  • I am Zeeshan from Italy i am impress from your work you guys and team acat are Just Amazing
  • Thank you for the work you've done over the last month
  • Thanks for everything its was a great start once again thanks..
    Ahmed Agah,

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